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Metamorphosis: Worlds of Fire by Deborah A. Bailey is book two of the series, but is readable as a stand-alone.

The author has set up a fantastic duo in Asira and Jaydon. She’s from a powerful family of alchemists and he is a member of the Gargoyle shifters and an expert on transmutation.

When a conspiracy arises, they must work together to save the sacred manuscripts. However, the heat between them rises the longer they are together.

There are many different creatures and characters in this story. The author does a good job of defining each character and species. The world-building process is handled well without info dumps, making the story easy and fast to read.

I enjoyed the differences between the Floating World and Jaydon’s Granjai. The author’s descriptive prose brings both worlds vividly to life.

I don’t want to give anything away about the storyline. It’s best experienced without bias, but I think you’ll enjoy it.

The book is perfect for all lovers of romantic fantasy, shifters, and slow-heat between characters.

Gina Rae Mitchell



For me, fantasy is about the imagination, about the creation of wonderful new worlds. Deborah A. Bailey has created a fascinating world, with the Aurum, the floating world, portals, shifters and all the characters. The two main characters, Asira, from a powerful Alchemist family and Jaydon, a Gargoyle shifter, magister and her mentor, quickly pull us into the story.

Treachery by members of the Aurum affect Asira and she must face challenges, not only from others, but also from herself and what she truly wants.

Secrets have plagued the floating city and it is interesting to see how Asira and Jaydonface these challenges and are drawn to each other.

I highly recommend this fantasy by Deborah A. Bailey – a novel with a touch of romance, intrigue and a big dose of imaginative world-building.

Beverley A. Baird

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4.5 Stars

I enjoyed this book and am interested in the series. I like the existence of different worlds all connected through mysterious portals that can be closed any second and thus, are quite delicate. The author only provides the reader with pieces of information regarding the phoenixes who control the portals between worlds, which keeps the reader intrigued for the next installment. More importantly, I want to know what will become of Asira. The author leaves the reader hanging here, in a good way. Will she live in romantic bliss finally following her own heart instead of others’ expectations? Or will she become a highly sought out creature that others seek to imprison and exploit? There’s lots of possible plot options here, and I’m excited to see where the author goes with it.

I also enjoyed the characters. Jaydon comes across as intelligent, yet humble and kind. I could see myself getting along easily with him. He seems like a genuine character. Asira is young but far from naïve. She only needs to learn to follow her own intuition and heart, which is actually what those who love her want her to do. I suspect that she’ll continue to grow into a solid character who will either move into leadership or play a significant role in the order of these worlds. Most importantly, neither Asira nor Jaydon value status and prestige, which make them admirable.

I do feel that the novel ended rather abruptly and could have had a better cliffhanger. I wanted to know more. I was curious about what would happen with Asira and her change. Thus, I’m offering a critique here because I enjoyed the characters and the story and wanted more understanding about where the plot would continue into the next novel. The ending still worked, and again, the reader is left with several directions that the plot can take.

I’d recommend this book to fantasy and romance readers. I’m looking forward to the author’s next novel in the series.

Carey PW