Worlds of Fire: Metamorphosis



Worlds of Fire MetamorphosisCan one deception overcome another – especially when it’s done for love?

Asira never expected her acceptance into the coveted position of Alchemist to be in doubt. But when she becomes the apprentice of a gargoyle shifter Alchemist who insists on keeping his pet bird with him, she begins to question her choice.


Jaydon, an unconventional and powerful teacher of transmutation, is from a group of gargoyle shifters known as the Gigun.


He reluctantly takes on Asira as his mentee after his pet bird and advisor, Delphy, recommends her.


Asira is both frustrated and fascinated by Jaydon, but she needs his knowledge and guidance when she becomes the target of a classmate’s deception.


Together, they uncover a conspiracy that threatens the well-regulated order of the Floating World.


As their feelings for each other grow, Jaydon is faced with a life-altering decision that could either bind them together or tear them apart. Can they overcome the challenges and dangers that lie ahead?


For fans of romantic fantasy, dark academia, portal fantasy and magical worlds.

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About the Worlds of Fire Series

Are you ready to enter a world of magic and technology, filled with secrets, mystery, and intrigue? Welcome to the fiery portals created by the enigmatic phoenix shifters, guarded by the winged Night Forces. These portals are gateways to worlds inhabited by humans and shifters alike, all connected by the powerful Books of Fire.


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