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Formula for Fairy Tale Love: 1 adventurous Heroine + 1 tortured-but-noble Hero = Happily-Ever-After. Once Upon A Princess Duet – two fantasy romance fairy tale novellas. 


No cliff-hangers. Each story is complete. Mature readers only.


For all the innate complications involved in finding the secret to blissful fairy-tale love with shape-shifters, two wise and discerning princesses trust their hearts instead of their eyes and fall in love with the unlikeliest of princes.

Sequel to Once Upon A Princess: Heart of Stone:

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The Once Upon A Princess Duet

once upon a princess duet


Genre: Fantasy fairy-tale inspired romance


Now available as an audiobook!


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About the Once Upon A Princess Duet


Includes both Once Upon A Princess: Heart of Stone and Once Upon A Princess: Beauty and the Faun novellas

Two princesses trust hearts and fall in love with the unlikeliest princes…


“Heart of Stone”: Leesa trespasses into a haunted palace, where she meets a gargoyle. Breaking the spell that cursed him may carry a price steeper than she’s able…or willing…to pay.


“Beauty & the Faun”: Kayla flees an arranged marriage and falls for a faun shifter instead. But how can she ignore her duty by refusing to marry a prince?



Reviews for Once Upon A Princess


“5 Stars!!

Absolutely Wonderful Fairy Tales!!
2 Stories in one book, This Audible book was a nice light and airy Fairy Tales with a lighthearted vibe to it.  Perfect during this LONG Coronavirus Stay at Home time.  The Narrator did a good job on this book and I really enjoyed the  Various Characters in both of the Stories!!”

-Georgia McNabb


“Once Upon A Princess Duet is actually a collection of two books: “Heart of Stone” and “Beauty & The Faun”. Both of the books are fairytale romances, meaning they’re paranormal romance but read like fairytales.

In “Heart of Stone,” Princess Leesa is desperate to find a way to help her people, and on her quest to find a valuable item she can trade for supplies, she comes across an abandoned palace. There, she finds a gargoyle, Willem, who is willing to give her everything she needs, for a price. Is Leesa willing to take this risk? I really liked this novella, in particular the gargoyle, who has a quirky, funny personality. I also liked Leesa and how she was willing to sacrifice everything for her people.

The second novella, “Beauty & The Faun” was my favorite of the two. Kayla is a young woman who is, against her will, pushed into an arranged marriage by her aunt and uncle. Desperate to escape, Kayla hides in the Great Forest, where two mischievous fauns find her and deliver her to a faun shifter, who has some plans of his own with her. I really liked Del’s personality, how caring he was and how charming.

Both paranormal romance novellas are excellent, but the second one was my favorite. The writing is excellent overall, and I would recommend this duology to fans of fairy tale romances.” -Majanka Verstraete


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