Hathor Legacy: Outcast Reviews

Reviews for Hathor Legacy: Outcast


“Secrets and Lies I picked up the ARC on StoryOrigin was not sure about it but I am so glad I picked it up. It is so good!! Nadira was taken from her mother at an early age and trained to be a Guardian. There is an explosion and a missing person and her assignment is to watch Jonathan. Now that does not go as expected but it leads to some very interesting facts to come out. Lies, danger, and an ending that make you look forward to the next book. If you like fantasy/paranormal run do not walk and pick this one up. The eBook or audio is great Ms. Bailey has written an awesome piece and Kristin James was an excellent narrator!! I did receive a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it.” – Sandy Beck


“I received this from the author for an unbiased opinion. I found this story to be intriguing and enjoyed it immensely, the narrator made the characters come to life.” – Deanna Porter


“An exciting who done it in the sci fi genre. This will keep you guessing as to who all is involved, and why, right up until the end. Plenty of excitement, intrigue, and a dash of romance. I received a free copy of this audio book and am voluntarily leaving a review.” – Patricia Terry


“Entertaining story. The characters are likeable and the action pretty good. I wish we could have gotten more details and more answers about the past. It was definitely worth the read.” – Julekat

“Hathor Legacy: Outcast was a unique reading experience for me. The author’s writing and descriptions made it so that I had to keep reading. It was hard to put down. It was one of those books that made me disappointed to get to the end. Is there a sequel? I’m waiting!” – L Bradley


“I ended up getting this as a gift from a friend who thought I would like it and I have to say that “Hathor Legacy: Outcast” turned out to be a thrilling, science fiction mystery novel that managed mix romance with a sharp plot and strong characters. Deborah A Bailey did an excellent job of bringing this world to life, her talented world building is clear in the fully fleshed-out characters, the attention to detail to even the smallest inconsequential parts of the story and with the distinctive flair of imagination throughout the book.

The book centers around Nadira and Jon, two people who find themselves caught up in a world of conspiracy, danger, far reaching plots and betrayal that leaves both of them reeling as they try to unravel the mystery of Jon’s father’s death. The story is set in a futuristic time where humanity has reached out far into the stars with the planet Hathor (and the company Novacorp that pulls the strings of the entire goings on within the planet). As the two fight together to uncover the truth they grow closer, their attraction unfolding into something more… but the danger of those around them may just prove to pull them apart before their romance truly starts to flourish.

This is a well-written novel with characters that resonate with the reader and make you care about not only them, but their blossoming relationship between Nadira and Jon as well. It’s fast-paced, entertaining and exciting in equal turn… managing to keep the reader sucked in until the very end and long after that. Overall, I really enjoyed this and am eager to read more from the author in the future.” – L. Collins via Amazon.com


“This was a very enjoyable book. The characters of Jonathan and Nadira really came alive for me. I also really liked the blend of action with the love story. I’ve never read a futuristic novel before, but I liked this one so much that I’m looking forward to reading more from this author.” – RJ Dingle


“I enjoyed this book. It blends mystery/suspense with romance and danger. Deborah’s world-building and descriptions of the futuristic society are excellent and draw you right into the story. All the characters were interesting – and I liked that you weren’t always sure who could be trusted and who was keeping secrets. I loved how Nadira was torn between her sense of duty to the corporation and what she felt in her heart. The action-packed ending kept you on your toes and made for a great read.” – Kelli W


“I liked this book. The cover is georgous. The characters were great and they made me want to know more about them. Jonathan seems like the type of man that you want to kiss and punch all at the same time. Personally, I love unresolved sexual tension so I wish they wouldn’t have gotten together so quickly. I look forward to the second book.” – TAK