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Pre-Order Family Pride: Love & Legacy Shifter Paranormal Romance

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Family Pride: Love and Legacy book coverFamily Pride: Love and Legacy

When Zora and Mac accept an invitation to join his brother Chris on a trip to sunny Marisol Island, they expect a peaceful escape. Little do they know, their idyllic getaway is about to turn into a tumultuous adventure.


Marisol Island, a serene haven for humans, land shifters, and Mer people, harbors a brewing conflict beneath its tranquil surface. A dangerous visitor has enlisted the sea sirens to wield their powerful magic and drive the land shifters away.


As Mac uncovers Chris’s hidden involvement in the escalating dispute, the brothers’ bond is tested to its limits.


With secrets unraveling and alliances shifting, Mac and Zora find themselves at the heart of a power struggle that threatens to tear the island apart. To restore peace, Mac and Zora must join forces with a formidable sea deity and her mysterious shifter mate.


Long buried family secrets threaten not only the island but the future of the MacKinnon pride. Reconciliation is possible, but are they willing to pay the price?


Family Pride: Love & Legacy launches on July 2nd. 


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