Online Class: Solving Backstory Challenges for Fantasy & SciFi

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Solving Backstory Challenges for Fantasy & SciFi

Class dates: 5/20 to 6/3

Class Description:

How to share your backstory without info dumps. When you’re writing about fantastic worlds, it’s key to explain to the reader how your world works. But readers don’t want to read info dumps that stop the story movement. Find out ways to share backstory that won’t stop the action.

We’ll cover:

-How to decide what is important to share with the reader and when.

-Ways to share backstory when you’re writing fantasy or scifi romance (or stories with romantic elements)

-How to determine what an info dump is and what it isn’t when sharing information.

Presented by Deborah Bailey

For more information & to register:

Last day to register is Thursday, May, 23rd.

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