Spotlight: The Beginning of the End by Adam Scholte

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Date Published: 08-10-2022

Publisher: Ocean Reeve Publishing



Ramulas’ peaceful world as a farmer is shattered when he is pulled into the
midst of a magical civil war between two worlds. With the appearance of a
mysterious young woman, Ramulas starts to unravel some of the mysteries of
his forgotten childhood and secret ability to communicate with

He starts to fear for the safety of his family when his daughters reveal
that they too, have unexplained abilities, and the intrigue only deepens
when he discovers that the very existence of their world is under threat and
that he may be the key to avert impending doom.


Other Books in the Series



With the help of the king’s magician Shigar, Romulus and Pip avoid capture
and Race to Sanctuary to find Oriel. War with the legion is coming, and
Oriel sends out a call across the kingdom for help, which is answered by
thousands who come to Sanctuary.

While the people train for the battle and dig into the mountain to free
Oriel, Remus and his warlords weave magic to cross into this world and
ravage everything. But king Zachary angry with Shigar for joining Ramulas,
and his people worshipping the escaped prisoner, prepares his army to march
as soon as his agents locate Ramulas.

Their only hope is to defeat the legion and an enemy closer to home.

The people of Sanctuary are recovering after narrowly defeating the kingdom
army. Remus has brought the first legion into the kingdom, he has made a
deal with thousands of Symiaks and plans to use the kingdom army to help him
get Oriel.

Ramulas needs to free Oriel before the legion arrives, or everyone in the
kingdom will suffer the wrath of Remus.

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Ramulas woke to absolute agony, his hand felt as if it were going to explode. He opened his eyes and was shocked to find James kneeling over him. James held Ramulas’ injured hand and was squeezing it. Ramulas screamed in pain.                

James reached back with a hand and punched Ramulas in the face so hard that his head bounced off the stone floor under the straw.               

“Oriel!” Ramulas screamed.                

James hit Ramulas two more times in the chest, spreading the pain throughout his body. Ramulas had never felt this helpless before. Where was the magic inside of him that Oriel spoke about? Why couldn’t he do anything? 


About the Author

Adam was born in Melbourne in 1970, and from his earliest memories was
always captivated by reading, he fell in love with fantasy in his early
teens and discovered a way to escape into a new world.

He attempted to write novels from the age of twenty-two and couldn’t find
the way to piece it together properly. Then in 2015 one of the main
characters of The Ramulas Chronicles came to Adam, followed by other
characters and the rest of the fantasy series.

He has found something that he loves doing and has the characters of this
series constantly running throughout his mind. Adam lives with his son and
his dog, and is extremely happy to be able to share his world with lovers of


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