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Description of Latency


Sera is a LO-EC, a human who gained superpowers as an unintended side effect of a biotechnological breakthrough. Her unique abilities allowed her to survive while others like her, including her parents, were exterminated by a world government fearful of their potential.


After decades of hiding, she meets Naren, another superpowered survivor who has infiltrated the ranks of the military. Together, they form a plan to unite with other surviving LO-ECs, claim vengeance against the forces who murdered their families, and ultimately stoke a worldwide rebellion against the government that wanted them dead.


The entirety of 26th century Earth’s armed forces stand in their way: Soldiers equipped with terrifying weaponry, armies with electromagnetic cannons, merciless bloodthirsty androids, and Spidre, the World Leader with unnatural abilities of his own. The world brought Sera and the other LO-ECs pain and loss, and they’re determined to return it in kind.


Read an Excerpt of Latency


Latency coverTears welled up in the man’s eye as he nodded in agreement. The three of them left the storage room and walked down to the end of the hall. They swung open the heavy metal door that connected the hallway to the building’s garage. On the other side of the structure, the man and woman could see that the garage’s front door had been completely torn off and thrown into the street. Most of the vehicles were huge electric motorcycles, and many of them were in pieces. The man and woman found two that looked functional in the corner closest to the hole where the front door used to be. The woman straddled one cycle and the man sat the little girl behind her. He then walked over to the other cycle, threw his leg over, and sat down. They grabbed the handlebars at the same time, and the instant their palms made contact with the grips, the engines revved to life and they shot out of the garage.


They were on the road for about ten seconds before a dark shadow briefly covered them and passed over. Two-hundred feet down the street, a metallic grey humanoid figure descended out of the sky and landed with enough force to form snaking cracks around its feet. Even further away, the side of a building erupted outwards, and a far larger and bulkier figure covered in heavy grey armor barreled out to join its comrade. This new giant was flanked closely by a much smaller and skinnier bipedal robotic figure.


“Fly, Sera! Now!” the woman yelled as the lead figure raised its machine-gun-equipped arms and took aim at the cycles. Upon hearing the scream of her name, Sera was no longer seated on the back of the cycle, but was instead flying upwards as if some invisible jet engine had turned on. She was terrified, but remembered what she had to do. She turned to fly away as fast as she could, towards the outskirts of New Orleans, just as the machine guns opened fire on her parents.


Author Guest Post: Tell us about your other published works – DCAS Fleet newsletter


Latency, my superhero sci-fi adventure, is the first full length novel I ever wrote, and the first I have ever published (although the original draft I wrote eight years ago is very different from the story readers will see now). With that being said, I do write for my day job and have over a dozen published works as a result.

I am a civil servant for The City of New York, and my division is responsible for managing the City’s 28,000 vehicle fleet. From Asphalt Pavers to Zambonis, we manage it all, and as you might imagine there are many unsung heroes who either maintain these vehicles or use them to serve their city. My office publishes a weekly newsletter which, among other things, is used to sing praises about these amazing folks and give them a well deserved spotlight. I have written many of these spotlight articles, so if you have finished Latency and can’t wait for the sequel to read more works by me, go check out the DCAS Fleet Newsletter!

Here are some of the newsletters I am most proud of, but all of them are unique and provide insight into a world most people don’t even realize exists. First, here is an article I wrote about the team that does those special artistic decals you might see on some City vehicles:

Fleet Staff Wrap Vehicles To Support Community Events

I also wrote an article about an emergency fire mechanic: an expert at vehicular repair who gets sent to the most severe fires in case an fire truck needs repair while in the midst of fighting a life-threatening blaze:

Fleet Spotlight: FDNY Mechanic

Occasionally, I’ve had the opportunity to write about people I work with directly, and it is an absolute joy to see their faces when all they have accomplished is laid out for the world to see:

Fleet Spotlight: DCAS Claims Coordinator

I have also sometimes been given the chance to write not about special people, but about special moments that would otherwise have never been given a chance to shine. Here is one example, when a family of peregrine falcons decided to nest directly outside of our office window:

The Falcons Watching Over the Fleet

I hope you all enjoyed this little window into my other world.


About Author Nathaniel Koszer


author of LatencyNate grew up in Brooklyn NY, but now calls the Bronx home along with his wife and their sons. Nate grew up on all things sci-fi. Partly due to his chronic illness, Nate always had a special place in his heart for the X-Men, and especially the invulnerable Wolverine. This was heavy inspiration for his first novel, Latency a superhero sci-fi story to be released March 5, 2024.








Nathaniel Koszer will award a $10 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly drawn winner.

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  • Goddess Fish Promotions
    March 12, 2024 at 7:02 am

    Thank you so much for hosting today.

  • Kim
    March 12, 2024 at 7:03 pm

    How did you come up with your book cover?

    • Nate Koszer
      March 12, 2024 at 8:43 pm

      My publisher thought of the basic idea, (Sera and Naren from the waist up) and I provided additional details to the cover artist as to what ideas I had for character design, font, and background. These were all based on descriptions and moods from within the novel.

  • Sherry
    March 12, 2024 at 8:27 pm

    Sounds like a terrific read.