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Description of Gibbous Moon


Werewolf and professor of literature Hugh spent nearly 200 years to find his soulmate, Zoie, but others betrayed him, working with rivals to take her away in only an instant. Revenge was swift and unsatisfying. More people need to pay for what was stolen from Hugh.


Zoie’s death had been orchestrated by powerful beings in the supernatural world. Exacting revenge will require precision and planning.


Biding his time before acting, Hugh reverts to the patterns that finding true love had disrupted. Walking through life in a fog, he does his best to appear as if he is moving forward, though nothing feels the same.


As Hugh tries to start the next chapter in his life with Rosalie, he is haunted by the memory of Zoie. The literature professor cringes every time he’s reminded that Rosalie doesn’t like to read, but he tells himself that opposites should attract. That Rosalie can patch the hole left in his heart when Zoie died. His revenge will take time, and wallowing in grief won’t help.


Just as Hugh is still focused on revenge, his enemies are still plotting to harm Hugh further. It’s dangerous to oppose a bereaved werewolf, but even werewolves can be hurt.


Read an Excerpt of Gibbous Moon


Gibbous Moon coverZoie ran, but soon tripped and scraped her hands on a rock and grazed her head against a branch. She glanced over her shoulder every once in a while to shoot flame in his direction. It was inevitable that he was going to catch her.


She heard leaves and twigs in front of her rustling, and there stood Jack, having jumped over or flanked her at some point. “You can’t escape, girlie.” He circled her, taunting her. “I can either kill you and leave you here, or I can leave you within an inch of your life and send you back to your coven, witch.”


She didn’t answer. His circle became smaller with every time around. When he was just in front of her again, Zoie closed her eyes in preparation for what was surely going to be her real death.


Eyes still closed, she heard a struggle and Jack growling and thrashing. She opened her eyes to see. Branches were growing from the trees and wrapping around his wrists and ankles. A dark, thick fog formed across the forest floor, and black vines started to grow and wrap their shapes around Jack, lifting him until he was suspended between two trees.


Zoie fixated on what was happening. The vines wrapped around him, pulling more and more tightly as they climbed his body. She gasped as the vines tightened around his neck, causing Jack to strain to breathe until his throat was entirely crushed. The black vines crawled into his nose and then out of his mouth. Then, they suddenly stopped growing.


Author Guest Post:  Here are the Top Three Reasons to NOT read Gibbous Moon and Top Three Reasons to read it — from the Author herself.


Reason # 1 to NOT read Gibbous Moon: You don’t like Paranormal Romance.

At it’s core, Gibbous Moon is a paranormal romance. It’s the continuation of the story of Hugh, a nearly 200 year old werewolf, and the repercussions of his relationship with Zoie, a witch that can harness the power of the sun. It also features Cade, another werewolf, and the aftermath of the ending of their relationship with Stevie, a mermaid — the Princess of the Abyss. If you aren’t into romance in your books, you may want to skip this one.


Reason # 1 to DEFINITELY read Gibbous Moon: You really enjoyed Fixed Moon and want to continue the series.

Gibbous Moon is the second book of the Cardinal Moon Saga, and it starts just after the events at the end of Fixed Moon. It’s been a wild ride with the revelations at the end of first book — to the point where some readers have stated that they’ve slammed the book shut and had to take a minute. You’re going to want to find out what happens next because Hugh is pissed — and he isn’t satisfied with the resolution that he earned at the end of Fixed Moon. There is more revenge to be had. And he’s going to take it.


Reason # 2 to NOT read Gibbous Moon: You aren’t open minded about a diverse cast of characters.

Gibbous Moon includes characters from a variety of backgrounds and places. The book has characters that don’t fit neatly into the gender binary that some people are comfortable with. There are characters that are different races, religions, and sexualities. This book also includes a relationship that isn’t monogamous, and the narrative includes that sex work is work — work that shouldn’t be looked down upon. If you aren’t comfortable with these things, you may want to skip Gibbous Moon.


Reason # 2 to DEFINITELY read Gibbous Moon: You want to escape into a magical world.

Nightbrooke/Tenatoria/whatever-it’s-called-where-you’re-from is designed to be a safe haven for the supernatural creatures, and, despite what the Council wants, it’s a safe haven for you too. All are welcome there, and that includes the reader.

If you need to escape — no matter the reason — please, join us in Nightbrooke.


Reason # 3 to NOT read Gibbous Moon: You don’t like it when the lore of supernatural beings deviate from what you’ve come to know from other media.

Look, the creatures in the Cardinal Moon Saga (Gibbous Moon is the second book in the saga) do not follow the typical lore. For example, the moon has no effect on the werewolves. Mermaids don’t have to be in the water; they get their fins when they get in the water, sure, but it doesn’t take King Triton’s magic to give them legs. They get them as they dry off. The witches have limits on their powers, and the vampires can walk in the sun (no turning to ash or sparkling). If you aren’t into the classic lore being challenged, then this book/series isn’t for you.


Reason # 3 to DEFINITELY read Gibbous Moon: You like to read.

It’s always fun to read something new. Knowing that there’s more books out there that you haven’t read just means that there’s more knowledge for you to take in.

Take it in. Read Gibbous Moon.


About Author Katie Groom

Gibbous Moon author Katie GroomKatie Groom grew up in rural Pennsylvania, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Business Management from PITT and her master’s in Employment and Labor Relations from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In 2016, she decided to move to Alabama in order to avoid as much snow as possible (and to advance her career in Human Resources).


When she isn’t working, Katie enjoys reading, writing, jokingly critiquing movies and TV, and campaigning that the plural of moose should be meese. She also loves to take in live music (especially Hanson) and traveling, with the goal of reaching each of the continents. Katie’s favorite pastime, however, is spending time with her beloved Shih tzu, Delta.


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