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Description of When I Look In the Mirror


When hairdresser Tatum Fox takes part in a séance at a party, her only thought is of the attractive man sitting beside her, the mysterious Zack, who appears in her dreams that night and who she hopes to see again. However, when she begins to experience paranormal activity and finds herself confronted by an unnerving client at work, she discovers that the séance summoned a demon – and Zack may be the only person who can free her of him.


Zack reveals himself to be an angel, and shows Tatum that she also has the power to battle supernatural creatures – a power that is increased through sex with him. Their connection soon strengthens, but is Tatum strong enough to defeat the demon with Zack by her side – and can there be a future with an angel, or is their passion doomed to end?


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when I look in the mirror cover“What you saw wasn’t in your head. It was real.”


“What are you talking about? I saw Dante turning into a—into I don’t know what. How could that be real?”


Zack sighed, taking her hand. “Listen. There are things in this world you don’t understand. And Dante is one of them.”


Tatum gave him a look. Seriously?


“This stays between us.” Zack gently took her chin in his hand, tilting her head up to look at her directly, and then…


A sudden glittering haze seemed to surround them, and Zack’s eyes glowed white.


“What the—”


“Shh.” Zack held her still as the glitter dissipated, his eyes returning to normal. “Like I said, there are things you don’t understand. Not yet.”


“And you’re one of them? What are you?”


“You don’t need to worry about me. Worry about Dante.”


“And what’s Dante?”


Zack’s thumb caressed her cheek. “Dante is a demon.”


A demon. The idea would have seemed impossible that morning, and yet now it was somehow believable. Dante, who had given her the creeps since she first met him, who she had seen turning into a hideous creature in the mirror, was a demon.


“How do you know? Ezer has known him ages and never picked up—this.”


Zack rolled his eyes. “Ezer is great, but he’s not the kind of person to pick this up. I only invited him to see if he might have that power—he doesn’t. His senses are dead in the water.”


“And mine?”


“Besides…” Zack continued as though she hadn’t spoken. “Dante wasn’t always a demon. Remember Nicole’s party? That was when it happened. He’s been taken over.”


Guest Post: Music and “When I Look In The Mirror”


Whenever I write a new book I usually try to have a playlist to go with it. Actually, “try” is probably the wrong word. I usually have a whole list of songs to go with each chapter, and have often wished I could include a file with each eBook and tell people which song to play with which section. Music is very inspiring for me, as is probably obvious from my “Rock My World” series, which is a series of rockstar romances all named after songs.

With “When I Look In The Mirror” it was a little different. I was inspired by two specific songs, and only those two. I did search for songs about angels, but all I came up with were ones like “Angel of the Morning” which didn’t exactly fit the brief. So rather than a full playlist, I just have the two.

The first one is “Lonely Together” by Avicii and Rita Ora. I felt the song actually suited my heroine Tatum’s relationship with her ex Jed, who had used the line “Let’s be lonely together” as a chat-up line. When Tatum meets my hero Zack, being lonely together is no longer an option – she doesn’t feel lonely any more when she’s with him, whereas Jed was the kind of man to make anyone feel lonely.

The second was Taylor Swift’s “The Very First Night”, and I felt it matched the conflict point of the story very nicely. I won’t ruin what that conflict is, but Taylor sings about how she misses the man she loves – not an unusual trope in a song – and we’ve all been in that position at some point, even if we never find ourselves quite in the position that Tatum does.

So if anyone needs music to listen to while reading “When I Look In The Mirror”, those are the two I’d recommend. Happy reading!


About Author Tanith Davenport


author of when I look in the mirrorTanith Davenport began writing erotica at the age of 27 by way of the Romantic Novelists’ Association New Writers’ Scheme. Her debut novel “The Hand He Dealt” was released by Totally Bound in June 2011 and was shortlisted for the Joan Hessayon Award for 2012.


Tanith has had short stories published by Totally Bound, Naughty Nights Press and House of Erotica. She loves to travel and dreams of one day taking a driving tour of the United States, preferably in a classic 1950s pink Cadillac Eldorado.


Tanith’s idea of heaven is an Indian head massage with a Mojito at her side.

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