Online Writing Class: Creating Intimate Scenes without Going All the Way

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Creating Intimate Scenes without Going All the Way


Begins June 5th at Savvy Authors


What’s your favorite heat level for your books? Steamy or super-hot? Or maybe you’d rather leave the details behind closed doors. There’s nothing wrong with showing everything or keeping it all under wraps. But you can still stir the reader’s emotions while leaving some things under the covers.


It’s not what you show, it’s how you make the reader feel. Find out how to stir your characters’ passions (and your reader’s) using descriptive words and imagery.


We’ll cover:

The build-up – why foreplay is important for your reader
Intimacy without going all the way – it’s the simple gestures that tell the story for the reader
How to develop your own list of words and phrases that you can pull from to stimulate ideas and heat up the action
Less is more – how to decide when you should go all the way, or pull back
Being a tease – why it’s best if the big moment doesn’t come too quickly



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