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Developing Ideas for the Worlds of Fire Series


Worlds of Fire MetamorphosisI decided to write this series because I had a lot of ideas but nowhere to put them. My original idea was to write about a portal that connected alternate Earths. Each world would have a slight difference yet be similar to our Earth. But as I began to write down my ideas, I realized I didn’t want to stick with that plan. I wanted the portals to be powered by magic instead of science.


The portals are created by the phoenix shifters when they regenerate. Though no one knows exactly how that happens or why, that power makes them very important. Because of their mysterious powers, the Alchemists covet their secrets. Even though they have universities and libraries filled with magical texts, the Alchemists have no control over the portals. This is why Jaydon (the hero in Metamorphosis) is so respected (and envied). He can read the magical Books of Fire, which are texts that hold secrets about the portals.


In book one, Blood Red Moon, a lot of the action happens on two alternate Earths. It goes into more background about the
phoenix shifters and their protectors, the Night Forces. There is verlap between the books, but they are both stand-alones. In fact, I wanted all of the books to be able to be read independently. With each book there is more information about the portals, but they also will feature different worlds. Some are alternate Earth worlds while others are completely different. There are also

Worlds of Fire: Blood Red Moon book cover

Worlds of Fire: Blood Red Moon

shifters, vampires, cyborgs, and all kinds of characters.


Writing this series gives me a chance to create different worlds while still connecting them (and the characters). And of course, there will always be a romance, an adventure, and a bit of magic.

Read more about the Worlds of Fire series here.


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