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Description of Hacienda Moon

Tandie Harrison is a police medium struggling to pick up the pieces of her life after a devastating divorce that left her without her precious daughter and her psychic visions. With a heavy heart, she escapes the hustle and bustle of New York City and moves into the alluring plantation house, Chelby Rose. Here, she meets Eric, the home’s charismatic caretaker. Despite the ghostly warnings, Tandie finds herself drawn to him, and as their affair intensifies, so does the centuries-old curse haunting them both.

Suddenly, Tandie finds herself at the center of a dark and dangerous web full of deceit and intrigue. As fear begins to consume her, she must find the courage to face the demons of her past if she is to have any chance at a future. Hacienda Moon is a captivating story full of suspense and romance that will ensnare you from start to finish.

Note to readers and bookclubs:

This is the expanded and revamped edition of the Hacienda Moon that was originally published in 2012. Please be sure to add this version to your to-read list as this edition contains more gothic suspense, intrigue, and of course romance.



Read an Excerpt of Hacienda Moon


Hacienda Moon coverEric got the call around midnight. Tandie said Chelby Rose’s plumbing system had failed, and the faucets had gone nuts. She was headed downstairs to fix it but would need his help. She didn’t sound like herself. Her high-pitched voice sounded as though she were someone else.


Adding to the mysterious water problem, which he knew had been fixed weeks ago was Tandie’s distress. She’d somehow gotten locked in the basement while attempting the repair. It took some fancy metal work to break through the lock. Eric strained with all his might, jimmying the ancient contraption until the clasp gave way.


“What the fuck?” Eric studied the situation. Water dripped from the basement ceiling as though someone had turned on a sprinkler system. There was only one problem, though. The plumbing running along the ceiling didn’t have faucets. Right away, Eric knew a greater force was at play.


Tandie stood in an area at the far-right side of the basement. She was wearing a thin light-colored nightgown that had somehow gotten soaked up to the waistline. Eric made his way over her, trudging through ankle deep water. For a moment, her image faded in and out. Eric shook his head, cleared his eyes and made his way over to where she stood. A faraway expression clouded her eyes as though she were looking at him and through him simultaneously.


“She’s down there. In the water. We have to get her out!” she yelled as Eric came closer.


“Tandie—what? Who’s down there?” Eric’s studied the water. There was nothing but cement flooring.


“Eliza! She’s in the water.” Tandie shook her head and frowned. “I saw her. I’m not crazy.”


“Course not.” Eric put his arms around her, and she shoved him away. Eric stumbled back a bit, feeling startled by her strength.


“Look at me, Tandie. Look at me!” he demanded, grasping her head between his palms. She obeyed and focused on his face. That same heated sensation he’d felt the day he visited Abby at the Aeneid, that time when some invisible force had reacted to his anger surged through his body.


Her breathing evened out as she stared into his eyes. “There is nothing down there. It’s all in your mind. Do you understand me?”


Slowly she nodded. And then he kissed her. The passion he released had been held back for too long. He no longer cared about any Broken Heart Curse, and tasting Tandie’s luscious lips gave him all the resolve he needed. Her hands wound through his hair, pulling gently. The kiss lingered and Eric lost himself inside her touch, the taste, and the smell of her. And she gave off an intoxicating scent. With great hesitation, he pulled back and stared in her eyes, losing himself as each second ticked away. “Wow. I could never get tired of doing that, mi mujer bonita.”


Tandie smiled. “How did you do that?”


“Do what?”


“You pulled me back from a nightmare. I felt you. Heard your voice.”


“I’ve no idea,” Eric said. Not a complete lie but not the total truth either.


Guest Post: Share the Inspiration Behind this Story


When I set out to write Hacienda Moon, I knew that I wanted to weave together several different threads of inspiration to create a compelling and unique story. One of the main sources of inspiration for me was the rich history of local ghost tales here in my home state of North Carolina. Growing up, I heard countless stories of haunted houses, ghostly apparitions, and unexplained supernatural occurrences, and these stories always fascinated me. I wanted to incorporate some of these spooky legends into my own work, creating a story that would feel authentically rooted in the folklore of the region.

Another key source of inspiration came from my desire to write a haunted house story that takes place in one of North Carolina’s stunning plantation homes. These historic houses are steeped in history and mystery, and many of them are said to be haunted by the ghosts of the people who once lived there. I was drawn to the idea of setting my story within one of these grand old homes, using the space and architecture to create an atmosphere of foreboding and dread.

Finally, I wanted to incorporate some elements of classic literature into my story, and so I decided to loosely base Hacienda Moon on Virgil’s Aeneid. This epic poem tells the story of Aeneas, a Trojan hero who travels to Italy and becomes the ancestor of the Roman people. In my retelling, I used key themes and motifs from the Aeneid to craft a story that is both contemporary and timeless. By blending together these different sources of inspiration, I was able to create a deeply atmospheric and richly imagined tale that I hope will captivate readers.


About Author KaSonndra Leigh


Meet your word sculptress…


Author of the #1 Amazon International bestselling novels, the Prelude and the Lost Immortals Saga, KaSonndra is also a mother, designer, reader, gardener, home renovator, and a slayer of undead Egyptian mummies in Tomb Raider. She believes in karma, coffee, and seriously wishes that the producers of Xena would bring her favorite show back.

KaSonndra was born in the race-car city of Charlotte, NC, and now lives in the City of Alchemy and Medicine, NC, when she’s not hanging out in Bardonia (Lost Immortals Saga setting). Most of her characters are based on people that she has met throughout her travels and adventures.

People tend to stop and start conversations with KaSonndra as if she has known them her entire life. Does this freak her out? Not really. Her mom says that one day she’ll get kidnapped by one of these folks. KaSonndra’s response? She told her mom that if it weren’t for these lovely people, then she wouldn’t be able to create such fabulously romantic stories!

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KaSonndra Leigh will be awarding a $20 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


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