Online Writing Class – “Fairy Tale Retellings”

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Online Writing Class: Fairy Tale Retellings

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March 20th – April 3rd, 2023

$25.00 for premium members/$35.00 for basic members (membership is free)

Presented by Deborah Bailey


Fairy tale retellings are very popular for a reason. They use tropes and characters that we’re familiar with. For instance, the Cinderella story is a common one across cultures and centuries. Learn how to use these familiar and beloved characters in stories and give them a different twist.


1. Fairy tales, mythology and archetypes – why we love retellings.

2. How to brainstorm twists for your fairy tale worlds.

3. Writing a story that’s the same, but different. Keeping familiar elements while adding your own ideas.

4. Backstories of some well-known tales – they didn’t all start out the way you think!

5. Giving your story the fairy tale flavor even if it’s not faithful to the original story

6. Fairy tale inspired – you can use the idea as a starting point for your own story without having to stick to the original tale.


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