Cover Reveal: Control (The Lockwood Trilogy Book 1) by Melissa Cassera

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Control, the debut YA paranormal romance novel from screenwriter Melissa Cassera, releases on March 28, 2023. Pre-order your copy today from Amazon for the special price of 0.99 (ebook).


Book Description


Control by Melissa Cassera coverFor Natalie Covington and Henry Thorne, only one thing is certain: things are about to get out of control.

18-year-old Natalie has big ambitions but very little control over her situation. She’s trapped at an elite boarding school on a private island, where cell phones are forbidden, militant guards line the iron gates, and her practically prearranged boyfriend has eyes for another girl.


Everything changes when a mysterious new student arrives named Henry Thorne. Henry is a “precog”—a hidden society of people who can see the future, and who are forbidden to reveal their powers. When Henry has a grisly vision of Natalie being murdered, he ultimately decides to save her and face the consequences. But the consequences of changing the future are more dangerous than Henry imagined, unlocking a wide conspiracy among his kind that’s linked to Natalie’s past, and a desire that threatens to consume them.


Control is the first installment in The Lockwood Trilogy. This fast-paced Upper YA/New Adult Paranormal Romance is filled with thrilling turns, self-discovery, spicy language, light steam, and a cliffhanger ending that will leave you obsessing for more.


Reader Discretion: this book contains graphic language, violence, and some heat. Best suited for 16+.  


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