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Worlds of Fire: Blood Red Moon

I never thought I would write a story with a vampire hero. I was concerned I’d have to have to go with the usual vampire tropes. So, when I started working on Blood Red Moon I shocked myself when I decided to have the hero be a vampire.


In my book, Derek, the Vampire Lord hero, and Avani, the heroine, go through a portal and arrive on a world where vampires and shifters live alongside humans.


Vampires have their own culture which can include them bonding with human “hosts” or forming their own groups and rejecting humanity altogether. They’re not predators – unless they want to be. In their culture they have rules for interacting with humans and satisfying their need for blood.


When I started writing I thought about what a human would get from being bitten – why would they crave it? That’s when I decided to create an experience where it was worth being bitten just to feel it. It’s a state of euphoria where the “host” also receives energy from the vampire. And with the magic that radiates from the Borderlands (the area where the vampires dwell) the bites heal very quickly.


Derek seeks the Avani because of a bond created centuries before the book begins. He’s searched for her because of that bond and because of their love. But their connection isn’t one-sided. As with the other hosts, Avani receives the energy that passes from Derek when he bites her. What is the energy? A lot of emotion and a bit of magic. In their case their connection contains an additional meaning – but I won’t reveal any spoilers by going into it here!


I’m glad I changed my mind about writing about vampires. You never know what ideas will come to you once you decide to try something new.


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