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Erotic Paranormal Romance

Release Day: 04/15/2022


Ka’Sen, Prince of Planets, Leader of the Union of Worlds, can have
anything he wants — except magic.

His to Command: Those on Rosrel protect the mystical forces from outsiders.
Ka’Sen must convince the Rosrel princess to become his wife and give
him a child of magic. As Princess Val’Trea’s most trusted
personal servant, Brisa never dreamed the princess would command her to wed
on her behalf.

Command the Stars: Brisa never dreamed she’d travel through the stars
— or be caught in a war between ideologies. When Ka’Sen takes his new
wife into his bed he’s bewitched by something more commanding than
sorcery. Love. But now that he knows his wife lied to him from the first
moment they met, he definitely can’t allow himself to trust in

Command His Heart: At the mercy of her kidnappers — and her new
mother-in-law — Brisa needs to find her place in the universe. She’s
been a pawn her whole life, but this is her chance to choose her path.
Freedom? Or return to Ka’Sen’s side? Can she free the man who
seeks to imprison her? When the only happiness you’ve ever had is
slipping from reach, how do you find the courage to save worlds?

Command His Soul: As her belly swells with their child, Brisa’s heart
has begun to shrink as she learns the terrible truth about her
husband’s thirst for power. She knows she can unlock
Ka’Sen’s magic, but she fears the truth may destroy him.

Publisher’s Note: Commanded (Box Set) contains the previously published
novellas His to Command, Command the Stars, Command His Heart, and Command
His Soul.


All rights reserved.

Copyright ©2022 Ashlynn Monroe

When all the girls, even Meglena, were sleeping, Brisa stood and left as
quietly as she could. Twilight’s orange sunset was burning off into the gray
light before nightfall. The stones were damp under her feet and the cold
reached through the thin fabric of her slippers. Some houses were still
dark, but most had the warm light of hearth fires lit. The shops were closed
as the villagers tucked in for the night. Brisa hurried through the village
to find Lee. He was a good man. He would help.

“Hey,” called the baker’s son. “Safety in the sleeping

Brisa stumbled over to him and gave him a nod. “Safe sleep to you, as

He nodded back. “Take this to Meglena, please.” He handed her a
wrapped loaf.

She tried to hide her grin. They’d be a good match, this chubby,
ruddy-faced boy, and her friend. He had a promising future. “I will.
Thank you. Have you seen Lee?”

“He’s over at the tavern. Cards.”

She’d heard of his skill, but she’d never been inside the tavern.
“Could you ask him to come see me at the temple?”

The boy laughed. “My father would kill me for going in there. Den of
reprobates he calls it. Sorry.”

She shrugged. “Thank you for your kindness to Meglena. She is my heart

He nodded. “You have done many things I would call kindness concerning
our village. My gifting food to a pretty girl is purely selfish.” He
grinned broadly. “But I’m sure you already know I wish to court

She sensed he was asking her permission, even though she had no right to
expect it. The gesture made her like him even more. “You can court her,
and if she’s smart, she’ll let you.”

His face reddened brighter than its naturally jolly color.

Brisa put her hand on his shoulder. “I’ll see she knows who to thank
for the gift. She’s a bit under the weather, but when she feels better, I’m
sure she’ll come see you.”

“Under the weather? What ails her?” His concern was intense and
proved his feelings.

“It’s fever. Please keep this between us. You know how illness panics.
I need Lee to help me get them wood to stay warm.”

“They’re all sick?” Now he sounded worried for more than just

“No,” she lied. “It’s just that the littles are so small. I
was hoping Lee could help with the chore, that’s all.”

He let go of a breath, and his shoulders sagged. “That’s good. I’m
sorry I can’t go get him for you.”

“I’m glad you are obedient to your father. On the morrow.”

“On the morrow, Lady Brisa.”

She bristled at the honorary title, but hid the reaction with a polite
smile before rushing off toward the tavern.

Laughter and noise streamed out of the well lit stone building. Women of
low reputation walked with men down the path, and she saw a stable boy
watering the horses of a newcomer. She paused, nervous about going farther,
but her littles needed her to have courage. She wasn’t a child anymore for
Goddess’s sake. Straightening her shoulders, she walked ahead as if this was
a normal visit for her.

Lee. Thinking of him made her smile. He’d be surprised to see her in the
tavern. Lee. So reliable. Such a good friend. He’d been helping her since
the beginning. He’d seen her trying to carry a little boy who was almost as
tall as she was. He’d taken him from her arms and helped her get him to the
temple where she’d managed to save his frozen legs. That little boy was a
farm hand now, but he often brought the temple children fresh food. He knew
her favorite was rabbit and always snared one for her when he came. Without
Lee, she might not have been able to save him.

As they’d grown older, she’d expected him to marry, but he hadn’t. She
wasn’t sure why, but his marital status mattered to her more than it had the
right to. She never doubted he’d be there for her, but if he wed that would
need to change.

Nervousness fluttered in her stomach as she stepped up onto the long porch
and took hold of the heavy door handle to gain entrance into the drinking
establishment. She’d never been inside the busy gathering place. It was not
the kind of place princesses or ladies went. Lucky for her littles, she was

Peering through the doorway, she tried not to be noticed, but it was clear
this was a male domain. Lee. His blond head bobbed. He needed a haircut. She
watched his handsome face morph into a huge smile as he threw his hand down
on the table. His companions wore angry or miserable expressions. When he
glanced up, he gave a double take in her direction before grabbing his mug
and draining the contents. Half standing, he scraped the money in the center
of the table into a pile before shoving fistfuls into his pockets.

One of the angry looking men grabbed his arm. “Hey! Give me the chance
to win it back.”

Lee glared at the hand, and the man let go. Lee scowled. “Later.”
He hurried over to her, guiding her out into the darkness. “That’s no
place for you. I was starting to worry. Another day and I’d have stormed the

“I’m fine. It’s just been very busy.”

“I heard. A sky ruler is coming here. Never thought I’d see that.
They’ve been banned for so long I’m surprised the king will allow

“My mistress is excited. Considering how badly the tech worlds want
magic I suspect the king needs money. Val’Trea has been getting fitted for
new dresses and very focused on the attention, but I don’t think she
understands why the king is lavishing so many resources on her. I believe
there will be a match.”

Lee’s blue eyes narrowed. “Would she force you to leave?”

“Yes. Unless by the grace of the Mother Goddess this sky ruler doesn’t
allow her to bring me. We don’t know their culture. Maybe a lady’s maiden
isn’t important in his land.”

“If it comes to it, run with me. I will protect you.” His words
froze in the chilly air. When he took her face in his hands, his fingers
were warm despite the cold. “I refuse to lose you.”

Heat burned in her cheeks. “What are you saying?”

“I’m saying run with me. Be mine. The king has a long shadow, but
every shadow is chased by the sun. We’ll find someplace, far from here,
where we can live in the brightness. I want you for my wife. Don’t go back
to the castle tonight.”



About the Author

Ashlynn Monroe is a busy working mom. She loves her kids and family. Her
greatest joy is creating stories to entertain others, and she hopes they
bring a little more romance into the world. She’s been writing since her
teens for her own enjoyment but decided in her thirties to share her
imagination with readers. Ashlynn enjoys biking, camping, reading, video
games, and filling her home and life with love. If she’s not working or
chasing children, you can find her daydreaming up her next tale of

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