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Description of Heart Fire


*The planet Falosia has an excess of females. The planet Verit has a surplus of males. The best of each have been put forward to start a new colony and find mates, in a last desperate attempt to save both worlds. A scorchingly hot sci fi, alien romance. *


Denara barely survived her disastrous first attempt at marriage; for years she threw herself into her research, giving herself time to heal. When the opportunity arises to take up a position on the colony, she decides to take a risk for the chance to live, and love, again. Lucius has spent his life under the heel of the ruthless Matriarchs of Verit. Tasked with leading the males of the new colony, he reluctantly accepts the assignment. The last thing he wants is to tie himself to a scheming female through mating, but nothing could have prepared him for meeting Denara. Sparks fly, but can they overcome their pasts to find love? With the political machinations of two planets vying for control over the colony, perhaps together, they can bridge the gap between their worlds.


What to expect: Glorious world building, spicy alien romance, friends to lovers, enthusiastic consent. Recommended 18+ due to sexual content.


Read an Excerpt of Heart Fire

A familiar older officer with a regal bearing was last to enter, her sleek form fitting jumpsuit studded with her badges of rank. She strode past the couches and stood in the basin of the amphitheatre to address the assembled colonists. “Welcome colonists. For those that don’t know me, I am K’Dec Maral Lien, and I will be the governor for Unnamed Colony Twenty-Nine for Phase One. We will depart at zero-nine hundred and collect the Verit colonists tomorrow from Space Station Amprhey. From there we will take the colonial jump gate to sector sixty-four, and then travel a further two weeks to the colony.” She paused, her eyes travelling over the group, feeling ancient in front of their eager anticipation.


“You have completed your briefing and the psych evals, you are the best Falosia has to offer. Once we leave, you are committed for at least twelve months. Twelve months on a colony with zero existing infrastructure.” She paused a moment to give everyone a final chance to speak up, but she didn’t expect anyone would.


The assembled females before her had gone through two years of competitive and gruelling testing to be selected, and several months of invasive medical treatments to make their digestive and immune systems compatible with the local environment on Colony Twenty-Nine. She was deeply proud of every single one of them, the cream of more than two million applicants. Her heart ached for the eagerness, the hope she sensed from them all like little wings brushing against her empathic senses – gossamer thin, but strong enough to carry them far.


“What we are attempting with this colony has never been tried before; we will be merging two totally different cultures to form a new one, and there will be pitfalls along the way. Be brave ladies, and I hope you all get what you are searching for.”


About Author Rose Mackie

Rose Mackie (she/her) is an Australian author who writes and loves sci-fi romance, paranormal romance and fantasy romance. Born in Scotland and living in Perth, Western Australia for the past 15 years, Rose loves nothing more than to hang out with her family and rescue cat, and create magical worlds of imagination.


All Rose Mackie books have an element of spice, kick-ass heroines, enthusiastic consent and happy endings. Rose has been writing for as long as she can remember, but has recently published her first book, Heart Fire. It still spins her out that people are reading the weird stories she makes up in her head!


Rose has fallen in love with writing, and loves seeing audiences connect with her work and characters, and hopes you’ll love them too!


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Rose Mackie will be awarding a $30 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


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