Spotlight: She’s the One Who Can’t Keep Quiet by S.R. Cronin

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About She’s the One Who Can’t Keep Quiet

Do you know what your problem is?


Celestine, the fifth of seven sisters, is tired of hearing about hers. Father thinks she’s frivolous because she likes pretty clothes and caters to the crowds in the taverns who adore her music. Mother thinks that because she’s the most social daughter in the family, she can’t keep quiet about anything.


They’re both wrong. Celestine hides a secret she has kept for most of her life.


As the family beauty and a talented musician with a lyrical voice, she has the best prospects for marriage to a prince. When such a liaison never happens, people assume Celestine is too choosy. But even in somewhat tolerant Ilari, a daughter hates to disappoint her family. How can she tell them she’s in love with a princess instead?


Lucky for Celestine, all her sisters are obsessed with an invading army headed to their realm. Celestine would rather ignore the threat and enjoy the freedom their lack of attention gives her. But, her voice can unlock a power that may help save Ilari. And the woman she loves is determined to fight these invaders. And her family, for all their talents, seems clueless about how to motivate the masses.


Celestine knows she can inspire the citizens of Ilari to do what needs to be done. Is it time to put her inhibitions aside and use her voice to save those she cares about?


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About The War Stories of the Seven Troublesome Sisters


Seven Troublesome Sisters

The series consists of seven short companion novels. Each tells the personal story of one of seven radically different sisters in the 1200s as they prepare for an invasion of their realm. These historical fantasy/alternate history books can be enjoyed as stand-alone novels, but together they tell the full story of how Ilari survived.

Which sister saved the realm? That will depend on who you ask.How do they save it? Each sister will offer you surprising information on why this didn’t go as planned.


What are The War Stories of the Seven Troublesome Sisters? ImagineLittle Women acting like The Seven Samurai in Brigadoon with hints of Sex and the City. Learn more.


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  • S. R. Cronin
    January 27, 2022 at 11:07 am

    Thanks so much for giving Celestine and her story a shout out here! It’s always a pleasure to be featured on your beautiful blog!

    • Deborah Bailey
      January 27, 2022 at 11:44 am

      Thanks so much. I’m always happy to feature your books!