Cover Reveal: Worlds of Fire: Blood Red Moon

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Worlds of Fire: Blood Red Moon

Worlds of Fire: Blood Red Moon book coverOut of the ashes, a new beginning…


Derek is a vampire who inherited the most important position of all as the Vampire Lord when his family and most of their kind were destroyed by the Guild. In the old world Derek came from prior to fleeing to The Borderlands, peace existed between all beings in a place that had become the epicenter for magical learning.


There, Alchemists alone held the keys to creating portals to other worlds, knowledge they eventually passed down to phoenixes. Their utopian society was crushed when the Guild invaded that city. Using Glamour magic, the Guild Master deceived others into following him in his quest to unlock the powerful secrets phoenixes possess. Derek and Avani met the night their beloved city was sacked and the two fell in love. After the city succumbed, they were lost to each other.


Love will be resurrected in blood and fire…


Avani was gravely injured and lost her memory. She became a protégé of the Guild Master, conditioned by magic to believe shifters and vampires were evil. Eventually, she was made Seeker, tasked with finding the Vampire Lord in order to gain access to the phoenixes. A Vampire Lord has a special bond with a phoenix. During a vampire’s time of fertility, the Blood Red Moon, the phoenix’s energy is triggered, allowing her to transform and open the portals.


When Derek finds Avani, he has no choice but to bite her in order to neutralize the magic that’s kept her from remembering who she is. As soon as her memory returns, Derek gets her through the portal into The Borderlands, where he believes he and his allies can protect her. However, the Templars in the city have almost certainly made a pact with the enemy of all supernatural creatures, granting them use of the portals. Only a phoenix can save the world from utter ruin now, but that was precisely the asking price…


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