“Writing Your Book in First Person POV” Online Class

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“Writing Your Book in First Person POV”


New class starting July 20, 2020 on SavvyAuthors.com


Writing in the first person can be challenging. But it is a great way to get your reader connected with your main character right away. In order to write in first person POV, it’s best to have a distinctive voice that engages the reader. In this class we’ll cover some important points for writing a novel in first person POV, and give you the opportunity to try it out for yourself.

Writing Your Book in First Person POV


1. What first person POV is and isn’t

2. How to decide if it’s the right POV for your character (and your book)

3. Seeing through your character’s eyes – using first person to connect with your character and their world so you can understand who they are

4. Managing things like describing your character without falling into clichés

5. Is your character being honest? Just because it’s first person doesn’t mean they’re telling all they know

6. Thoughts and feelings – showing the character’s inner world without “telling”


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