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Genre: Urban Fantasy

In this second installment of The Admiralty Archives, the warrior Lady Alexin, the Keeper of the Keys for the Elf realm of Eledon, finds herself exiled to the harsh world of near-future London. Rendered little more than a political pawn by the Elfin Council of Elders to avoid a war with the Rock Elves, she has little choice but to struggle to find her way in this strange new land. Taken under the protection of kindly mentors, Vice Admiral Malcolm Teller of the British Royal Navy and his wife, Alex brings all her skills to the fore as she uncovers a series of deadly plots.

Murder is on everyone’s mind as an underground White Supremacist organization takes aim at Admiral Teller while two wizards, resurrected from death, must kill Alex in order to survive. To make matters worse, the Rock Elves dispatch a hundred assassins from Eledon with their sole mission to bring Lady Alexin to the very… Edge of Death.


Book Excerpt 

Edge of Death book coverChapter 3

“I’m fine, Millie. It’s been a tough morning. On the way back from Portsmouth, we were attacked by some men from the 23rd Infantry. They’re getting more daring, I must say.”

“God, no! Malcolm, were you hurt?” She looked him over.

“No one on our side was hurt, thanks to the young lady I brought along.”


“I told you about her when I called. She helped us recover those men from the naval exercise I was in charge of—Hunter Dawn 2031.”

“Yes, but you told me she was going back to wherever she came from. Didn’t they show up?”

“They did, but she wasn’t allowed back.”

“Why not?”

“Well, it’s hard to explain. She wasn’t allowed back because of…the Rock Elves. She’s a Water Elf and they claim that she’s been a lethal threat to them.”

Millie stared at him; her dark brown eyes wide. “She’s dangerous? And you brought her here? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I wanted to tell to you in person.”

“Malcolm, what are you saying? I’m confused.” She sat back and stared at him.

He squeezed her hands in his. “Let me start over. Do you remember I told you about the young girl who brought the sailors home in a wizard’s ship?”

“Yes, of course. She was arrested and put on trial but you had the Ministry drop all the charges.” Her eyes grew large. “Why?”

“It’s the same girl. She’s the reason why I went to Portsmouth.”

“What?” Her eyes flashed with anger.

“It’s not what you think, Millie. She told me that the sailors were going to arrive in Portsmouth on the fall equinox and once they came back, she could go home.”

“You just said they came back.”

“They did, but she wasn’t allowed to leave.” He took another deep breath. “She’s a real Elf, Millie. She doesn’t understand our world, even though she’s already stopped four assassination attempts on me, if you include this morning.”

“Malcolm, I’m not naïve. Tell me the truth.”

“I am. Please just meet her and let her stay here for a while. She’s due a lot of reward money and once she gets that, she can find a place of her own. Please, Millie. She saved my life. It’s the least I can do.”

Millie’s eyes filled with tears. “Oh, Malcolm. I don’t know.”

The Admiral embraced her.


Author Bio

Writing fantasy novels are Joni Parker’s passion. She’s completed two series so far: “The Seaward Isle Saga” and “The Chronicles of Eledon.” Her latest series, “The Admiralty Archives, is a three-book series that begins with the “Curse of the Sea.” The second book is called “Edge of Death” and the third will be finished next year. In addition to her novels, Joni enjoys writing short stories and has contributed two stories to the anthology, “Beyond Tucson: Adventures in the Multiverse” with her writing group. Joni retired from the U.S. Navy and the Department of Homeland Security and currently resides in Tucson, Arizona with her sister.


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