Book Spotlight & Excerpt: Crystal and Flint by Holly Ash

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Genre: Science Fiction

Crystal and Flint Book CoverIt’s been 300 years since humans arrived on Neophia and the planet’s intelligent species have yet to agree on how much influence humans and their advanced technology should have on the planet.  With the threat of war hanging in the air, Lieutenant Commander Crystal Wolf races to finish construction of the mega submarine, Journey, in order to calm political tensions on Neophia and cement her already stellar military career.


Lieutenant Desiree Flint never dreamed she would leave Earth to serve on Neophia, but with the end of her military career in sight she doesn’t see a way around it. Determined to rebuild her reputation on Neophia, no matter the cost, she sets her sights on dethroning Commander Wolf in order to prove her own superiority.


When Journey is attacked by someone from Crystal’s past, the two women must find a way to work together to save the ship, liberate an underwater colony from an oppressive government, and prevent a war.


Book Excerpt


Adrenaline pumped through Desi’s veins. This was what she lived for. The subfighter was a small, sleek vessel with a glass dome that allowed her full view of her surroundings. She had only piloted it a few times in training, but being at the helm already felt like second nature to her. Desi didn’t know what kind of improvements Wolf had made to subfighter, but whatever she had done, it was a lot easier to operate than anything Desi had piloted back on Earth.


It didn’t take her long to get the attention of the enemy subs—a few close passes, and they were soon following her through the maze of rocks jutting out of the ocean floor. Grady trailed behind them, trying to get a clear shot.


“Flint, Grady.” Dewite’s voice rang through Desi’s subfighter. “Price has identified them as drones. Feel free to take them out.”


“With pleasure.” Desi made a tight circle and cut between the two assailants. Grady took off after one while Desi fell in behind the other. She chased the drone along the ocean floor, firing whenever it was in range.


After three near misses, her shot finally connected with the tail of the sub. The drone lost control and crashed into a rock, exploding on impact. “One down,” Desi reported. “How are you doing, Jim?”


“I haven’t been able to get a clear shot,” Grady said. Desi could hear the frustration in his voice.


“I’m on my way.” She had gone farther away from Journey than she had thought, though, and it took her several minutes to find Grady. Once she did, she could see the cause of his frustration: the drone had positioned itself so that it was easily able to return every shot Grady sent its way. In addition, Grady was forced to constantly change his position to avoid being hit.


“I’ll get its attention, you take it out,” Desi said.


“Sounds good to me.” Grady dropped back out of range while Desi cut in between them. As she had hoped, the drone honed in on her. She led it around in a large circle, easily dodging the shots it fired at her and making sure to give Grady plenty of time to position himself.


Her plan worked: Grady’s next shot connected with the drone’s fuel tank, and it exploded instantly.



Author Bio

Author Holly Ash Holly Ash is the author of the underwater science fiction series The Journey Missions. She has worked for the last ten years as an Environmental Engineer after receiving degrees in Environmental Science and English Literature from Central Michigan University. Holly lives in the metro Detroit area with her husband and two tiny people who constantly want her to do things for them.

Holly is also a member of The Cabin in the Woods Association of writers which works to help indie authors get their books seen.

Twitter: @hollyash85



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