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New Release: Dominate Me: Bound to the Billionaire Book One by Maxi Kane

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Dominate Me: Bound to the Billionaire Book One by Maxi Kane


Bound to the Billionaire Book One CoverAlex Stone is a self-made billionaire with a secret life. Lora Taylor is a 40-something, divorced mom with an ex-husband who left her for a younger woman. She’s given up on second chances, that is until Alex Stone enters her life.


Confident, attractive and successful, Alex is used to being obeyed.


Drawn into a world beyond her wildest dreams, Lora must learn the rules of domination in order to be bound to the billionaire. But if she can’t learn to surrender and embrace her deepest desires, she may lose everything.


Loving Alex Stone will demand that she release all her inhibitions and fears. Can she learn to embrace a new life that will require her complete submission?



Dominate Me Book Excerpt

We were quiet for a few minutes. I looked out the window to watch the traffic going by on the highway. He wasn’t what I’d expected. Not at all.

“We have a lot in common,” Alex said.

“But why ask me out? Don’t you meet a lot of rich people?”

“Sure I do. But it’s tough when people don’t want you for yourself,” he said. “I don’t fit in with the prep school crowd. I like people who aren’t afraid to be themselves.”

“That’s what you think of me?” I asked.

Another smile. “You looked like you needed a friend. Like you were having a tough day. I know what that feels like. I just wanted to help.”

A protector. That’s what he was. “So you wanted to rescue me?”

“You don’t need to be rescued, Lora,” he said. “I invited you to lunch because I like you.”

I had to shake my head at that one. “But we just met.”

“Sometimes, that’s all it takes,” he said.


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About the Author

Maxi KaneMaxi Kane writes sensual romances for grown-ups. Her stories are about women who choose their own adventures, and who don’t apologize for their fantasies. Maxi loves reading, writing (of course) and spending time with good friends when she has the chance.


Since her characters insist on whispering in her ear, she’s usually working on her laptop on most days. A few other favorite things of hers are, Netflix, chocolate ice cream and coffee.



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