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Chocolatiers Wife Book Tour

GENRE: Fantasy Mystery

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“The Chocolatier’s Wife” Book Description




A truly original, spellbinding love story, featuring vivid characters in a highly realistic historical setting.


When Tasmin’s bethrothed, William, is accused of murder, she gathers her wind sprites and rushes to his home town to investigate. She doesn’t have a shred of doubt about his innocence. But as she settles in his chocolate shop, she finds more in store than she bargained for. Facing suspicious townsfolk, gossiping neighbors, and William’s own family, who all resent her kind – the sorcerer folk from the North — she must also learn to tell friend from foe, and fast. For the real killer is still on the loose – and he is intent on ruining William’s family at all cost.



“The Chocolatier’s Ghost” Book Description


The Chocolatier’s Ghost: Married to her soul mate, the chocolatier William, Tasmin should not have to worry about anything at all. But when her happily ever after is interrupted by the disappearance of the town’s wise woman, she rushes in to investigate. Faced with dangers, dead bodies, and more mysterious disappearances, Tasmin and William must act fast to save their town and themselves – especially when Tasmin starts to be haunted by a most unwelcome ghost from her past…literally.


The Chocolatier’s Ghost is an enchanting sequel to Cindy Lynn Speer’s bestselling romantic mystery, The Chocolatier’s Wife.


The Chocolatier’s Wife Book Excerpt

TheChocolatiersWife bookMurder. Funny, how the idea of one’s future husband killing someone made headaches go away. It was not that she could not conceive that he was a killer; anyone who read the shipping information at the back of the newspaper, listing, among other things, the manifests of pirate ships that had been taken and destroyed, would know William was quite capable of killing. But, she reasoned, that was hot blooded killing, it was not murder. Poisoning someone with chocolate required coldness and cunning.


She moved at last, only enough to take her hair down. She stared at the pins in her hands. No. She could not believe that William was capable of cunning. He was smart, aye. But practical smart. Not without imagination, of course, you could not accuse a man who wanted to make chocolates of a lack of imagination, but he was also not the sort of man to go around blithely killing people with the very product he hoped to sell. She could not believe it.


After a while, the surprise wearing off, she tried to imagine the two paths her life might take. She thought of being at the university. She had trained there, and so she had friends as well as colleagues among the staff. Eventually she would have the seniority to teach only the advanced students, perhaps even ascend to the Circle, as her mother hoped. A life of teaching and learning how to use herbs, divining the secret meanings hidden in the wind, the rain, and the veins of leaves was hers. She was no master wizard, but she was very, very good, and she knew her life was mapped out for her here, a scholarly life of respect and decent wages and wanting for nothing. It was, clearly, a good life, which was why her family wanted it for her.


Then there was William. She tried to imagine him, blurry in her mind, by her side. A life of children, shop-keeping. It did not seem as glamorous or interesting, though she trusted she would be able to continue her studies and believed that William would provide for her, but her fame would be as his wife alone. No one would remember her save their children.  Still, it was not without its appeal, the idea of having someone who was all yours, someone to curl up against in the winter. It was harder to imagine the future, here, for she knew so little in comparison. The unknown could hold pain as well as joy.


She sighed, and went to bed, in a restless attempt at sleep for what remained of the night.


When she came down the next day she had two cases in her hands, and she was wearing her best traveling clothes. Her family looked up at her from their breakfast, as she put the heavier of the two down, her hands switching the other bag back and forth, nervous and moist on the hard, wooden handle. “You see,” she said by way of good-morning-and-here’s-my-explanation, “the problem is that I rather like him.”


Interview with Cindy Lynn Speer

TheChocolatiersGhostWhat are your favorite TV shows?

I have so many.  I am a sucker for British TV, I loved Victoria and The Musketeers, and am currently working my way through New TricksGame of Thrones is a favorite, though I don’t get to see it until it’s on DVD so it becomes a Game of Avoiding Spoilers.  I always liked Rizzoli and Isles, too.  Things like that.  🙂  And Marvel!  Marvel makes some awesome shows.


What is your favorite meal?

I love a lot of things, but I can always eat pizza.  The meals I remember most are more for ambiance than the food itself…I went to a high tea in Colorado where the gentleman who made the stuff was also the server, and he was so excited about the fact we loved his pastries.  It made me try another high tea, in a grand old hotel where the servers shuttled between couches and chairs, while a woman played lovely harp music.  Those were moments where I felt part of something elegant and lovely, so I think to myself, I love high tea.  That’s my favorite thing.  But to be honest, I probably love pizza just as much.  XD


If you were to write a series of novels, what would it be about?

It would have magic, interesting characters and hopefully interesting and not easy to figure out mysteries.


Is there a writer you idolize? If so who?

I used to want to be Neil Gaiman when I grew up — still do, because when I first heard about him I kept hearing tales about how kind he is.  How he will go out of his way for readers.  And I spoke to him once, on the phone, and found him to be really lovely and very intelligent.  If I am lucky enough to be where he is (I mean, as a writer, not actual place) someday I hope to be kind and give back some of the love I get.


How did you come up for the title of this book?

The story is a little lame, I confess.  I knew I wanted it to be The Chocolatier’s something.  I used mistress for a bit, calling back to William’s time at sea and thinking it sounded a little sexy, that it might make people look into it.  Then I thought, no, that’s cheap, and anyway I don’t want people thinking William is a cad.  Then I realized there are a lot of ghosts in the book and thought, OK, that will work.


About Author Cindy Lynn Speer


Cindy Lynn SpeerCindy Lynn Speer has been writing since she was 13.  She has Blue Moon and Unbalanced published by Zumaya.  Her other works, including The Chocolatier’s Wife (recently out in an illustrated hardcover to celebrate its 10th anniversary) and the Chocolatier’s Ghost, as well as the short story anthology Wishes and Sorrows.  When she is not writing she is either practicing historical swordsmanship, sewing, or pretending she can garden.  She also loves road trips and seeing nature.  Her secret side hobby is to write really boring bios about herself.  You can find out more about her at, or look for her on Facebook (Cindy Lynn Speer) and Twitter (cindylynnspeer).




One randomly chosen winner via rafflecopter will win a $50 Amazon/ gift card.


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