Book Spotlight & Guest Post: Trolling by Emma Brady

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Genre: Romance / Urban Fantasy


Book Description

Lily Faye-Richardson thought her bad luck was ending when she and her sisters inherited her uncle’s house. Finding a green man chained in the basement changed that. Now she must trust this sexy troll to take her into a magical kingdom and rescue the only family she has.

Theno woke up with missing pieces to his memory but an angel saving him. When her sisters are kidnapped, he is willing to do anything to help her in return. The problem is, if he can’t remember who he is, how can he trust himself not to hurt her?

Together, the two of them will go to the land of Tammara to bring back the other Faye girls. They will have to face an Evil Queen, who wants to find the door and cross over into the human world. There is also the matter of an intense sexual attraction between them and the need for Theno to discover his identity. Does a troll get to have a happy ending?


Guest Post

Twisted fairy tales

Like most little girls I grew up watching Disney movies and reading fairy tales. I would wish that I could be a princess and fall in love with the handsome prince. As I got older, I realized that life was a lot more complicated than that. Being a princess became a boring idea. No one wants to just sit around and wait to be saved by some guy on a white horse. As I became an adult I realized it would be much more fun fighting the dragon myself.


The fairy tales themselves became a source of inspiration to me, but in the sense that I was curious how things could be different in them. The villains didn’t always have to be the bad guys and the heroes didn’t have to be [perfect. I found it interesting to mix the stories and cross the characters with each other. Give them different personalities and personal conflicts. That’s when I started to wonder how these stories could build off each other. Especially when so many of them seemed to have similar goals. What if they worked together? What if they worked against each other. That’s when I created the world of Tammara, a place where fairy tale creatures lived together.


In order for them ot coexist I had to tweak the positions they had. I gave them jobs and families, even histories with each other. I found it interesting to see what kind of backstories they could have. Those details were what helped create a living world for them. Then the main characters in my books could interact with them on multiple levels. Ti gives more options for the story to twist around into something new and unexpected.


I’m hoping that in the following books in the series this world will take on a life of its own. More characters you know will appear but in ways no one expected. I can’t predict who might show up but I have a pretty good feeling it will be a lot of fun.


Book Excerpt

A gasp caught in her throat at the sight of the massive man being held up by thick metal chains. He was bigger than any man she had ever seen before. Not just tall, although he had to be well over seven feet, but also wide enough to fill the breadth of the room. There was no fat that she could see, just muscle upon muscle. When her eyes traveled down she found he was also stark naked and rather impressive. But it was his skin that kept her from moving any closer.

In the light cast by the flashlight it appeared to glitter both green and gold at the same time. It was hard to tell if it was real or not, but her gut said it seemed real enough. The man’s head hung down and his blond hair hid his face from her. Lily could see the steady rise and fall of his chest, but nothing else gave indication of life. The chains seemed sturdy enough to hold him, so Lily scooted forward one baby step at a time.

“Save me.”

The voice was deep and scratchy, but unmistakably male. Something in the tone of it hummed through her like a shock. It compelled her to move forward even more, to be within reach of him.

“Save me.”

His head hung down and she saw no movement when she spoke. Her skin was beginning to grow warm with a flush she could not explain. Lily wanted to touch him so badly that only her tight grip on the flashlight stopped her.




Author Bio

Emma graduated with both an English degree and a library sciences degree. She has always been an avid reader of romance, since she first fell in love with Wuthering Heights.  After college she decided she didn’t want to just read books and started writing them. She has already started in both urban fantasy and historical romance, but doesn’t rule out other projects in the future. Living in Kansas with her tiny lapdog and a couple rambunctious nephews, she spends most of her time reading, writing and enjoying a good cup of coffee.

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