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About the Book

Title: Dark Djinn

Author: Tia Reed

Genre: Fantasy

Duplicity and deception: aid from a djinn is a curse under any guise.

Betrothed to a cruel lord, Princess Kordahla dreams of fleeing to her decadent neighbour, a journey fraught with danger, and no promise of sanctuary at its end. Her one hope is to offer the southern shah a prize so valuable he cannot refuse to harbour her: the secret of the mahktashaan, the soldier-magicians sworn to protect her father’s court.

But the mahktashaan guard their magic with blooded sword, and in stealing one of their powerful crystals she will risk her life. Unless she accepts the help of a treacherous djinn intent on tricking her into a deal.

It is a compact which threatens to shatter the fragile peace in the Three Realms.

A gripping tale of realms besieged and honour lost, of blood-ties severed and romance dreamed, Dark Djinn begins an epic quest to save mortals from the schemes of djinn.


Captain Edard deq Lungo really ought to know better than to propose that Lady Jordayne del Giordano not abase herself by entering the gentleman’s establishment. Really, did he think she was about to miss out on all the fun? When the ingenious scheme was her idea too! There was no limit to the cheek of these men. One would think their fathers raised them in patriarchal Verdaan instead of Myklaan.

 “But dear Captain,” she said, placing a manicured hand on the brass latch. “It cannot be that bad. I do believe there are a host of other women inside.” And with that she pushed open the freshly painted door and entered into a haze of smoke and billowing silks, setting a dozen bells jingling in the process. Inside, elaborate settees piled with plump cushions of exotic design lined the walls, a delightful place to wait for the attentions of the escorts if one could reach them without becoming entangled in the swags.

“There is, I suppose, no dissuading you?” Matisse said, trying, but not too hard, to prevent a smile breaking across his face. She would bet her entire forearm of gold bangles his tanned complexion and golden-brown hair attracted the first seductress out of the internal door.

“None, dearest,” she replied, patting his arm. “So you had best see to my reputation before Captain deq Lungo feels compelled to defend my honour.”

“This can only enhance your reputation, Jordayne,” Matisse said, with a throaty laugh, “though I’m not sure our uncle will feel mine is unsullied.”

“Big sister will own up to it being all her idea. But do see to the Captain, there’s a good boy. He’s going to give the game away before it’s even afoot.”

The Captain’s scandalised expression, accentuated by the hard, angular lines of his cheek and jaw, was intensifying by the second. Surprising really, given he sported the odd grey hair. His men, Vae’oenka bless them, supposedly the finest in the palace guard, looked like children in a candy store who faced a spanking if they touched. And not a female yet in sight, herself excluded. That did rather need to be remedied. They could not expect their quarry to walk in on a room full of guards, who despite their neat civilian clothing looked every bit the trained soldier, and take the bait.

Author Bio

Tia Reed loves nothing better than burying her nose in a story of her own imagining, cuddling her bossy cat and rescuing chewed pillows from her hyperactive dog. She takes every opportunity to do all three when she is not teaching English as a second language. Her other hobbies usually take a back seat but include trying to tame her beast of a garden, hiking and travelling. The latter has thrown her many interesting, sometimes hair-raising experiences, which she loves twisting into stories. She was born in Malta, but lives in Adelaide, Australia.




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  • Tia Reed
    April 17, 2017 at 7:48 am

    Thank you so much for hosting Dark Djinn. I’d love to read any comments from readers. The book is currently available for a Release Day discounted price of $0.99 on Smashwords with the coupon code LB89V.

    • dbc333
      April 17, 2017 at 10:30 am

      You’re welcome, Tia! Good luck on the tour!