Book Spotlight: Halayda by Sarah Delena

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Genre: Dark Fantasy / Steampunk

A mortal alchemist. A faerie king. A bond that transcends death.

Betrayed by a trusted mentor, Sylvie Imanthiya hides on the fringes of society, caring for half-fae orphans and trading her alchemical creations on the black market. She lives for the one night each season when she can see her dearest friend—a man whose destiny is far above hers.

King Taylan Ashkalabek knows better than to exchange halayda vows with a mortal. Even their friendship is a risk; love is an impossible dream. Then a brutal alchemical attack poisons his realm, unearthing a dark power within him—and leaving Sylvie with the ancient mark of Faerie’s savior.

Manifesting unpredictable abilities and aided by allies with their own secrets, Sylvie and Taylan journey into the wilds of Faerie to heal the damage and confront Casimir, an invincible star-fae determined to claim the realm as his own. But only their enemy knows Sylvie’s true capabilities—and Taylan’s weaknesses—and how to use them in his vicious schemes.

Her fate is life. His fate is death. With Faerie in the balance, Sylvie and Taylan must stand together before reality as they know it is destroyed.

Book Excerpt

Halayda Book CoverSylvie couldn’t hear her own scream over the roar of the explosion. Taylan’s fingers slipped from her grasp as the ground flew out from under her. For a horrible moment, she hung suspended in time and space. Then the pain of a thousand needles pierced her limbs as she crashed to the earth.

Taylan! Where was he? She struggled to rise as acrid mist filled her lungs and stung her eyes.

The mist…

Sylvie hastily unclasped her pouch and felt her way through the collection of small vials. The mist was alchemists’ work, smelling of a cocktail of ingredients that should never have been combined. But she had a potion that might neutralize it, if only she could find it.

Another blast knocked her to her knees, and the vials shattered in her hands. Sylvie gave a choked cry as their contents doused her face and bare arms, searing into her skin like acid. She crumpled to the ground as the pain overwhelmed her.

Help… someone had to help…

But there was only lightning and ash. And then, nothing.

Author Bio

Sarah Delena White was raised by wolves in an alternate dimension. She writes eclectic speculative fiction that reworks mythology with a fine balance of poetry and snark. She’s an experienced world traveler who loves to weave world folklore and ancient concepts into vibrant, original story worlds. She is also the Benevolent Firebird (acquisitions editor) for Uncommon Universes Press. When she’s not writing or editing, she can be found making jewelry, singing Irish ballads, drinking tea, and working a variety of odd jobs. She can be bribed with dark chocolate.


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