Science Fiction and Romance: A Perfect Pairing

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Science fiction romance is a perfect pairing of science fiction and romanceYears ago when I took a course in romance writing, most of the participants listed science fiction as the one genre they’d never read. Only two of us in the room were sci-fi readers, so at least I had an ally!

It may not seem like it at first glance, but science fiction and romance aren’t opposites. In fact, science fiction romance is a very active and popular genre in its own right.

If you’ve only seen sci-fi movies or TV shows, you’ve probably only seen one side. Namely space ships, battles in space, alien invasions – usually with men leading the charge. Or you’ve seen superheroes saving the day, while the love interest looks on with admiration.

Sure, that’s part of sci-fi, but it’s a big universe. Science fiction is a genre that covers so many sub-genres, that it would be impossible to list them all here.

Science fiction paired with romance isn’t rare at all. In fact, it often ends up getting folded into Paranormal, which might be why it’s sometimes hidden from view. But there are many authors out there who are creating worlds that range from dystopian to space opera to military. Love is front and center in these stories, just as it is in any romance.

Science fiction romance is a perfect pairing of science fiction and romance. Hathor Legacy: Outcast by Deborah A BaileyIn my Hathor Legacy series, I wanted the relationship between Nadira and Jonathan to be part of the story, not a sideline.

Nadira has her job to do on a world across the galaxy, but she also has to juggle love, commitment and (particularly in Hathor Legacy: Revelations) family drama.

Her love life is just as important to her as solving crimes (as she does in Hathor Legacy: Outcast and Hathor Legacy: Burn). Through the series, her relationship with Jonathan progresses right along with the other parts of the story.

Science fiction and romance actually are a perfect pairing, whether they’re set on Earth in the future or in a universe far, far away. Science fiction romance is a place where characters can explore the galaxy while they navigate their personal lives and desires.

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