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April 2015

Join the SFR Shindig & Giveaway!

- Hathor Legacy


Starting Thursday, April 23rd, the SFR Shindig will be featured on the Galaxy Express blog. Nine authors (including yours truly) will have a post on the blog everyday between 4/23 and 5/1.

4/23 – PJ Schnyder

4/24 – Alex Powell

4/25 – Alisha Rai

4/26 – Elizabeth Lang

4/27 – Lyn Brittan

4/28 – KS Augustin

4/29 – Deborah A. Bailey

4/30 – Tatiana Caldwell

5/1 – PJ Dean

Comment on any of the posts and you’ll be entered to win a $15 Kindle Gift Card & Seven e-books.

Hathor Legacy: Burn is one of the books in the giveaway bundle along with six other terrific reads.

Find out more about it here, and don’t forget to enter to win!