Why I Love Writing Science Fiction

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6473906493_637a5f822c_bMy love for science fiction started when I was a young girl watching Star Trek and the Twilight Zone. Stories about aliens and space exploration always caught my attention.

I’ve also got a rather large comic book collection stashed away, with my favorites being Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman (and just about anyone else with a flashy costume and superpowers). So, it wasn’t hard for me to imagine my own characters and to put them into stories.

When I started writing my book, “Hathor Legacy: Outcast,” I knew it was going to be set somewhere in another solar system. Though I didn’t know exactly where! As I worked on it, the history of the planet unfolded and the pieces came together.

In my story, the planet has been colonized by settlers from Earth. After many generations, they developed psychic abilities. These powers allow them to read minds and move objects by using energy from their bodies.

With science fiction, the story elements should be probable and not magical. My heroine has psychic powers–which to some people may seem very unscientific. But then again, is it really?

Depending on which studies you read, maybe not. For instance, if you look at the theories about alternate universes, or time travel–there are a lot of things that might sound like fantasy, but are accepted by the scientific community.

In my story, the characters use aircars. Sounds very futuristic, doesn’t it? Well, I recently saw a story about an aircar prototype. You can fly it, and drive it home after you land. So science fiction becomes fact rather quickly these days.

Readers can see themselves on a spaceship bound for Mars, or in a future settlement on a faraway planet. They can fall in love, encounter alien visitors, or try to survive in a future dystopia.

Sure, a lot of science fiction stories focus on science and technology, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be fun, sexy and full of adventure.

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