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This is an excerpt from my WIP–and book 2 in the Hathor Legacy universe–“Hathor Legacy: Burn.”

(Book 1, “Hathor Legacy: Outcast” is available on

In this snippet, Nadira is leaving a gathering where she was called into a private meeting with the members of the Guardian Elders. During a conversation with Mikal, an old childhood friend of hers, she discovers his true feelings about the Elders and about her.

“Whatever the Elders think they can accomplish, it won’t work. But I mustn’t criticize Elder Dakar even if I feel his actions are questionable,” Mikal said.

“Are you going to tell me what you mean by that?” Nadira asked.

Mikal looked off in the distance. “Your transport is coming.”

“You’re not going to answer me?”

“I’m his assistant. It’s not my place say anything against the Elder,” Mikal said.”But I know he’ll do everything in his power to force you to comply with him.”

“None of them can force me. That would be a violation.”

The transport trundled up the street and pulled over to the curb. The door swung back with a hiss.

“They’re desperate and afraid of what Novacorp may do to us, Nadira. And desperate people can do violent things.” He reached out and ran his hand along her cheek.

His touch was like fire against her skin, searing her with his open desire. Startled she jumped back and stumbled. “Mikal, don’t. I have to go.” Brushing past him, she climbed into the vehicle and moved to the opposite side of the seat. Sitting there huddled in the corner, she felt vulnerable, like cornered prey.

“I’m sorry if I was too forward, Nadira,” he said, leaning into the cabin. “My emotions overpowered me.”

About the book…

Hathor Legacy: BurnOn the planet, Hathor, a new threat emerges that may destroy the fragile alliance between the Guardians and Novacorp.  When Nadira is called to investigate a rash of fires throughout the city, she discovers the Deshtu, another group with PSI powers who have been purposely kept in the shadows.
Working to uncover the source of the fires, Nadira learns the brutal truth about the origin of the Guardians. In the meantime, the Guardian Elders have plans of their own for her, and they involve forcing her to sever her psychic connection to Jonathan Keel.
When an unexpected ally gives Jonathan information about the Deshtu that connects them to the fires, things begin to spiral out of control. Nadira puts her life on the line to solve the crime, while the Elders make their move to remove Jonathan from her life forever.

As time runs out, the Guardians prepare for a clash with Novacorp that could plunge the planet into chaos, and a final betrayal forces Nadira to risk everything to save herself and Hathor.

Cover by Steph’s Cover Design

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  • Veronica Scott
    May 4, 2014 at 9:14 pm

    This snippet seems full of foreboding elements of what's coming, which is very well done. Excellent excerpt!

  • Deb Bailey
    May 6, 2014 at 4:29 am

    Unfortunately Nadira doesn't catch on as quickly. But the signs are certainly there. Thanks Veronica!