Summer Heat by Patt Mihailoff

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Patt Mihailoff’s Summer Heat is a short, sexy story that I enjoyed reading over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. It’s part of the “Weekend Getaways” line at Secret Cravings Publishing and you can get it for only 99 cents!

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About Summer Heat

Her heart was empty, her body unfulfilled. Convincing herself that she was not running away from an unfortunate break up she needed some sun and relaxation. Hilton Head Beach was just the ticket, but it wasn’t as affordable as she would have liked. So two girlfriends later they were headed for one of the most exclusive and high profiled places in South Carolina.

Evening breezes  have a way with teasing your mind, making you fantasize, forcing you to confront your own erotic needs.  It’s easy to do when you’re alone and you’re able to give thoughts to all those hidden passions kept secret for so long.

Who would have thought she’d find the kind of passion that she’d always dreamed of when Mario Powell, came into her life like a soft breeze, filling her with the kind sensuous lovemaking that satisfied every craving she’d ever had.

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