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Hathor Legacy: OutcastHathor Legacy: Outcast is live today on Amazon.com. Click here to buy it for Kindle.

Here’s an excerpt:

Chapter 7 – Pursuit

Nadira lingered in the park after her meeting with Zina. Her next step was to track Jonathan Keel. Would he want her help? Most likely not. He thought he was smarter than everyone else. But it didn’t matter. Keel was on her planet now and her territory.

Drawing in a deep breath, she closed her eyes and focused, waiting for the pictures to form in her mind. She saw Keel riding in a transport with an older man. Both men exited the vehicle and walked into a building.

There was a name over the entrance in silver letters. What was it? The scene was fading. Wait–what was the name…she could still make out some of the letters…D…I…A…M…O…N…of course. It had to be the Diamond Star apartment tower. Keel was at one of the most expensive residences in the Palatine.

Fifteen minutes later Nadira was standing across the boulevard from the tower.
Transport traffic was becoming congested, as was the foot traffic along the marbled sidewalks. In front of her, passengers queued up for transport vehicles. Company workers in their somber suits jockeyed for position with festively attired tourists.

Nova City’s ground transport system covered the entire megalopolis. For pedestrians, wide sidewalks, automated people movers and footbridges traversed the various districts, easing the congestion of the traffic lanes.

Standing out of the way so she wouldn’t get jostled, Nadira scanned the tower. Each floor had tinted glass walls that kept her from seeing what was going on inside. Was Keel looking down at her right now from one of the apartments?

On Hathor being the son of a CEO was nothing special. The planet was filled with them. Nadira smiled to herself. Keel thought he was untouchable because of his father’s connections. Yet his emotions were so easy to read. Dealing with him wasn’t a challenge at all. If only he’d come out of that building right now. Seeing her there would wipe that arrogant smirk off his face.

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